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CRISPR LbaCas12a (Cpf1) 70p
CRISPR LbaCas12a (Cpf1) 70p
Name: Lba Cas12a (Cpf1)
Catalog: C001S
Unit Size: 70pmol
Storage Conditions: Store at -20°C
Port: Guangzhou
Note: For Research Use Only. Not for  diagnostic procedures.

Magigen CRISPR Cas12 protein product LbaCas12a (Cpf1) is a programmable DNA endonuclease guided by a single guide RNA (gRNA).


1. Requires only a single crRNA, easy design. It is more easily delivered into cells with less volume.

2. Provide new target sequence selection with TTTN PAM.

3. a broad reaction temperature range of 20℃-48℃.

4. The affiliated cleavage activity generated after cleavage of the target site can be used in a highly sensitive and specific nucleic acid detection scheme.

Magigen crispr cas12a is a qualified cas protein with good price.

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