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Magigen LAMP Kits for Loop-mediated isothermal amplification

Loop-mediated isothermal amplification-LAMP amplification Kits - MagigenLoop-mediated isothermal amplification-LAMP Kits

Magigen DNA LAMP Assay Kits

The Magigen DNA LAMP Amplificatoin kits are available in two models.

NameSizeCatalogLAMP Price(USD)Buy LAMP
LAMP Assay Kits Mix with dye 50T50TF001S
LAMP Assay Kits Mix with dye 500T500TF001L1500Detail

Intended use

Magigen MagicScript LAMP PCR amplification kits are one-step solution for Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification(LAMP) of DNA targets. The LAMP PCR assay kits contain fluorescent dye, dNTPs, metal ion indicators for LAMP amplification.

Detection principle

LAMP test, Loop-mediated isothermalamplification test, uses 4 primers recognizing 6 distinct regions of target DNA for a highly specific amplification reaction. The LAMP PCR technology employs a strand-displacing DNA polymerase and a set of four specially designed primers that recognize a total of six distinct sequences on the target DNA.

Magigen LAMP test Advantage and feature

The Magigen LAMP technology provides high amplification efficiency of specific DNA, up to 10 fold, at a constant temperature (about 60-65 °C) in 15-60 Min. it is simple, high specificity, efficiency and rapidity. The LAMP Kits would enable their simple, easy and selective detection.

How to buy LAMP Assay Kits?

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Magigen LAMP applification Kits are high quality product with good price.

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Related Topic

What is LAMP amplification?

LAMP, loop-mediated isothermal amplification, amplifies DNA with high specificity, efficiency and rapidity unde risothermal conditions. This method employs a DNA polymerase and a set of four specially designed primers that recognize a total of six distinct sequences on the target DNA. An inner primer containing sequences of the sense and antisense strands of the target DNA initiates LAMP. The following strand displacement DNA synthesis primed by an outer primer releases a single-stranded DNA. This serves as template for DNA synthesis primed by the second inner and outer primers that hybridize to the other end of the target, which produces a stem–loop DNA structure. In subsequent LAMP cycling one inner primer hybridizes to the loop on the product and initiates displacement DNA synthesis, yielding the original stem–loop DNA and a new stem–loop DNA with a stem twice as long. The final products are stem–loop DNAs with several inverted repeats of the target and cauliflower-like structures with multiple loops formed by annealing between alternately inverted repeats of the target in the same strand. Because LAMP recognizes the target by six distinct sequences initially and by four distinct sequences afterwards, it is expected to amplify the target sequence with high selectivity.

What is LAMP assay? How can we use it?