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Magigen Mouse Tail GenoTyping kit for Genotype

What is genotyping?genotyping / genotype

Genotyping is the process of determining differences in the genetic genotype of an individual by examining the individual's DNA sequence using biological assays and comparing it to another individual's sequence or a reference sequence.

Magigen Mouse Tail GenoTyping Kit

The Magigen Magigen GenoTyping kits are available in two models.

NameSizeCatalogGenotyping Price(USD)Buy
GenoTyping Kit 100T
GenoTyping Kit 500T

Intended use

Magigen Mouse Tail Genotyping Kit is used for genotyping of transgenic animals such as mice. It provides a rapid, ultra-high sensitive, highly efficient and low-cost method in the DNA extraction and PCR amplification from mouse tail, ear, and other tissue for mouse genotyping.

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Related Topic

What is Genotype?

The genotype is the DNA sequence of the genetic make-up of a cell, organism or individual, which determines a specific characteristic of that cell, organism, or individual.

Genotypes can only be determined by biological tests, not observations.

Genotype examples:

1. Height

For an individual's gene makeup there is tall variety (T) and there is short variety (s). T and s are called the alleles. The combination of these determines the height. If T is considered to be the dominant of the two out of the four possible combinations (Ts, ss, TT,sT) it is determined the individual to be pure breed and carry the height of the T genetic information. As a result, the probability of the offspring being short is 1 in 4.

2. Freckles or no freckles

The information that is passed from parent to child is carried in the cell of the genotype. Whichever genotype becomes the dominant one determines if the child develops freckles or not.