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Pluslife Mini Dock

Pluslife Self Home Covid Test Kit

A portable molecular COVID-19 Rapid Test at home with lab-quality results that you could count on.

Pluslife Mini Dock is a rapid molecular diagnostic system for detection of infectious diseases including the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Our self-developed isothermal amplification technique RHAM provides accurate results which are comparable to those of the highest sensitive lab PCR tests.

Easy to use and small in size allows you toperform test at home in 35 minutes.

RHAM, Isothermal Amplification Technique

The assay is based on RHAM, a self-developed isothermal amplification method. SARS-CoV-2 N gene is selected as the target region, based on which probe and primers are designed. In RHAM, target sequence is largely amplified and recognized by probe. When the probe hybridizes to the complementary sequence generated, it is cleaved and fluorescence is emitted. The device automatically detects and analyzes fluorescenve signal, reporting results with indicator lights. The assay includes internal control for monitoring of sample collection, processing, and amplification to reduce false negative results.

Clinically Proven

The test is clinically proven to have PCR quality molecular accuracy. In the clinical studies that included individuals with and without COVID-19 symptoms, the test achieved 94% sensitivity and 100%specificity.

Limit of Detection


What is the differents between Pluslife COVID-19 rapid test and antigen test?

Comparing to antigen test which detects specific proteins on the surface of the virus, Pluslife Mini Dock detects the presence of viral genetic material even at low levels and at different stages of an active infection (with or without symptoms), therefore there is a much lower chance of false-negative results and the assay is more accurate.

Self Covid Test-Mini Dock


Plusllife Mini Dock portable molecular POCT system is an innovative, unique rapid test.


Based on RHAM (self-developed isothermal amplification technique), it provides alevel of accuracy comparable to gold standard qPCR (Quantitative real-time

PCR) tests.


Detect positive results in as soon as 10 minutes and confirm negative results in 35 minutes.


No special operating skills require and anyone could run the test at home in few simple steps.


Pluslife Mini Dock is reusable and could perform tests not only for COVID-19, but infectious diseases such as STDs and more.


Designed for both professional use in point-of-care test (POCT) and use at home, at work, at travel or in the community.

pluslife mini dock specificationsSpecifications

Product Name                 Pluslife Mini Dock

Model No.                        PM001

Power Supply                   DC5V/3A

Net Weight                       240g

Dimension                        101mm x 86mm x 63mm

Operating Environment   15°C-30°C

Storage                              - 20°C~+55°C


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