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Thermostable RNase HII-Magigen-It is good for rhPCR.

Magigen RNase HII/ RNase H2 for rhPCR

RNase HII / RNase H2

Magigen Thermostable RNase HII | Ribonuclease H2 Kit

Magigen Thermostable RNase HII is an endoribonuclease that specially cleaves 5´ to a ribonucleotide within the context of a double stranded DNA.

Magigen Thermostable RNase HII leaves 3´ hydroxyl and 5´ phosphate ends. RNase HII will also cleave at multiple sites along the RNA portion of an Okazaki fragment.

The Magigen RNase HII kits are available in two models.

NameSizeCatalogRNase HII Price(USD)Buy
RNase HII 250U250UA006S199Detail
RNase HII 2500U2500UA006M1477Detail

All RNase HII prices are subject to change without prior notice due to currency fluctuation.

Advantage and feature

Magigen RNase HII products are especially suitable for rhpcr reaction and perform excellent in rhpcr reaction.

How to buy RNase HII / RNase H2?

If you need a quotation, please contact:

Or you can buy RNase H2 directly online.

All the RNase HII prices are FOB Guangzhou, China.

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