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CRISPR LwCas13a 100p
CRISPR LwCas13a 100p
Name: LwCas13
Catalog: C005S
Unit Size: 100pmol
Storage Conditions: Store at -20°C
Port: Guangzhou
Note: For Research Use Only. Not for  diagnostic procedures.
  • Product name

    Magigen MagicScript CRISPR Cas13 Protein | LwCas13a Protein Kit

    Magigen MagicScript CRISPR Cas13a protein product LwCas13a (CRISPR associated protein 13a, C2c2) is part of the Type VI CRISPR-Cas system.

    It has RNA-guided RNA cleavage activity. It is the only protein that can degrade RNA found in the second largest class of CRISPR-Cas systems by now. It can be used for RNA cutting, RNA detection in vitro, regulation of living cell RNA, RNA gene editing, etc.

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  • Size


  • Storage conditions and Expiration

    Storage conditions: -20℃, avoid light.

    Expiration: 12 months. Avoid repeated freezing-thawing after opening.

  • Contents of the kit




    10×Cas13a   Reaction Buffer



    LwCas13a Protein



    1×Cas13a   Dilution Buffer



  • Materials required but not provided

    1)Probe: It can work with our fluorescent probe for fluorescent real-time detection. It can also work with colloidal gold probe and matching test strip for colloidal gold detection.

    2)gRNA:Designed by CRISPR-Cas13 method, or designed with the gRNA online design tool.

    3)RNase Inhibitor, RNA polymerase, and other components.

  • Intended use

    This kit is suitable for the development of detection products based on CRISPR platform.

  • Detection principle

    CRISPR Cas13 is a class II and type VI CRISPR system effector proteins with two higher eukaryotes and prokaryotes nucleotide-binding (HEPN) domains. It is a novel CRISPR protease that can be used for targeted RNA cleavage. While Cas13 protein recognizes and cleaves target RNA under the guidance of guide RNA, its collateral cleavage activity is activated, which can efficiently cleave non-specific single-stranded RNA (ssRNA). CRISPR/Cas13 can be used to detect RNA templates and amplify signals by designing RNA probes labeled with fluorescent groups or other markers at both ends. Common detection methods include real-time fluorescence and colloidal gold chromatography. At present,this system has been widely used in gene editing of micro organisms, plants and animals, and has great practical application value in molecular diagnosis.

  • Applicable instrumentYou can use microplate Reader, like BioTek Synergy etal. fluorescence quantitative PCR instruments with FAM channel if you use fluorescence method.

  • Operation procedure

    1. Preparation of reactive substrates containingT7 promoter.

    The reaction substrate could be nucleic acid amplification products of LAMP / PCR /RPA.

    T7 promoter, 5’-TAATACGACTCACTATAGGG- 3’,should be added to the primer.

    2 Methods

    2.1 Recommended reaction system for fluorescence method


    Recommended volume/ Final concentration

    Optimized   Range

    10×Cas13   Buffer


    100   mM NTPs

    1mM   each


    fluorescent probe


    40 ~ 160nM


    40 nM

    20   ~ 80nM

    LwCas13 protein

    80 nM

    40 ~ 160nM

    RNase   Inhibitor



    T7   RNA polymerase




    appropriate volume



    Up to 50 μL


    2.2 Reaction temperature: 37℃, get the fluorescence datas every 1 ~ 4 min, time: 30 min ~ 1h.

    3 Interpretation of the results

  • CRISPR Cas negative result and positive result

    CRISPR Cas negative result and positive result

  • Notice

    Magigen CRISPR-Cas13a 100 is a qualified cas protein product with good price.

    The crispr cas13a price is subject to change without prior notice due to currency fluctuation.

    The Cas13a price is FOB price, not include tariffs, freight, insurance and other expenses. Some products need to be delivered by dry ice. Please consult the sales manager for details before purchasing.

    All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only and shall not form part of any offer, contract.

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